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Does your asphalt ruin your day? We can fix it.

We specialize in asphalt paving, asphalt repair, seal coating, and gravel deliveries. 

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The Mother Lodes Asphalt Specialists

Asphalt Paving 

There's a reason that asphalt paving has been the go-to driveway material for so long. It can stand up to all sorts of weather and will last you longer than any other type! So if your home needs an upgrade, look no further because this is one investment worth making


Seal Coating & Crack Sealing

Asphalt seal coating is a must to keep your driveway in great condition! Not only does it prevent cracks from forming, but it also gives the surface a beautiful sheen.


Sand & Gravel Delivery

We offer 4-Yards of driveway rock, road base, or clean river sand for $260.00. Free delivery within 20 miles of Jamestown California 

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